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Thor is an American superhero film based on the comic book character Thor. It came out on the 21st of April 2011. It was directed by Kenneth Branagh and was distributed by Paramount Pictures.

In the movie, Thor a young warrior,  gets banished from his home town, Azgard, due to his arrogance. All of his powers were taken away from him by his father and now Thor is a mortal but Thor’s father falls ill and now Azgard is under the rule of Thor’s brother Loki. Now it’s Thor’s job to help his kingdom overcome the dark rule of Loki but is Thor too late? Well my friends, it’s up to you to find out by watching the movie.

The main character, Thor, is played by Chris Hemsworth

  • Loki is played by Tom Hiddleston 
  • Odin is played by Anthony Hopkins 
  • Jane Foster is played by Natalie Portman 

I think Thor is one of the coolest movies ever!!! If your a fan of a superhero movies this ones just for you! The movie had me on the edge of my seat while I was watching it and I’m sure you’d love it to. The plot was interesting and so was the movie and when the movie finished I wanted more. Thank god a sequel has been announced!

I give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5 star rating


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