Hop is an Easter themed half animated movie released on the 1st of April 2011. It was directed by Tim Hill is distributed by Universal Pictures.

For the past 4000 years, the Eater bunny has brought joy, chocolate and candy to children all over the world! Now, the time has come for a new Easter bunny to take over the tradition and the next person in line would be…EB! EB wouldn’t care less about becoming the next Eater bunny. EB escapes to Hollywood in an attempt to find fame and fortune. During  the escape, he hops infront of a car driven by a man named Fred who agrees to give EB a place to stay until he’s healthy enough to hop back home. The harder Fred tries to stop EB from causing chaos, the more he becomes satisfied from EB.  With some luck and patience, Fred might might become the man who saved Eater for everyone.

The main character, Hop, is voiced by Russel Brand

  • Fred is played by James Marsden  
  • Sam is played by Kayley Cuoco  
  • Phil is played by Hank Azaria 
  • Henry is played by Gary Cole  
  • Bonnie is played by Elizabeth Perkins  
  • Alex is played by Tiffany Espensen  
  •  EB’s father is played by Hugh Laurie   

Hop is an amazing movie. After re-watching it a couple of times, I understood the moral of the story; you can accomplish big things if you believe you can. I love it. It sends out a great message to the younger audience. I love the character of Fred. He’s that type of guy who is still living in his childhood years. He makes me laugh 😀 I like how James Marden was chosen to play him. Overall, this movie is excellent and I recommend EVERYONE should watch it 😉

I give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5 star rating


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